Reconnect with self,
others, and joy
Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Unexpected changes, major transitions, or painful memories can keep us from feeling at peace. Many of us have learned to disconnect from ourselves in order to “make it,” and we can find it hard to stay connected to the people in our lives.

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself and others and are looking for some restoration, this might be a place for you. Jubilee Counseling and Wellness offers therapeutic services to facilitate healing through mental health therapy and activities to promote holistic wellness.
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My New Book!

I’ve created a tool to support people in finding more rest and accessing mindfulness.  My new book, “Peaceful Plants: A Mindfulness Coloring Book” is part coloring book, part guided meditation. I’ve paired each of the illustrations with a mindfulness exercise that correlates to each plant. This book is a great way for folks to relax and explore mindfulness in a simple, fun way!

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