Meet JaVon Townsend

JaVon Townsend, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker by training and a play enthusiast & artist by divine design.  With a background in cultural studies, she approaches all of her work from the lens of understanding and appreciating who people are within their specific contexts.  JaVon primarily sees her role across titles as a facilitator, creating spaces and processes that make it easier for people to keep going.  She is passionate about helping people live fuller, healthier lives through strengthening the mind-body connection, increasing self-knowledge and self-compassion, and cultivating community care.

JaVon has demonstrated ingenuity and resourcefulness in developing and executing creative approaches to working with diverse groups of people as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow in Baltimore City, MD and as a Fulbright Researcher in Accra, Ghana.  She founded Jubilee Counseling and Wellness, LLC as a way to bridge her love for the healing powers of play, the creative arts, and fostering community.

“JaVon is a knowledgeable, conscientious, and empathetic professional. She is relatable and easy to talk to, and her calm and supportive manner helps put clients of all ages at ease. I’d refer a family member or friend to JaVon in a heartbeat.”
Kerriann Murray, LCSW-C

“JaVon approaches her role in the therapeutic process as an intentional guide. She takes great care and honor in holding spaces that allow the individual to embrace their own process and connect to all the parts of themselves.”
Sonal Vyas, LICSW

“During my time working with JaVon, I witnessed first-hand the wealth of knowledge that she possesses, as well as her dedication to her work and clients. JaVon is able to  interpret and analyze information from a clinical lens and then practically apply it back to her work. Continuing to consult with JaVon has helped me become a better practitioner and I value what her skillset offers to the field in its entirety.”
Johnta Gobio, LMSW

About Jubilee Counseling and Wellness

Jubilee is a joyful, collective celebration of freedom!  It is an ancient tradition that provided a built-in reset that reminds us to recognize our connection to one another, to rest and to enjoy what we have.  Through therapeutic mind-body services, Jubilee Counseling and Wellness seeks to provide opportunities for individuals, groups, and communities to engage in their own Jubilee.

At Jubilee, we understand that we are all whole people – made up of lots of experiences, relationships, and environments – and we all need support.  Sometimes that support can look like intentional learning of new skills to care for our mental health in a workshop; other times it can look like low pressure space to laugh, relax and enjoy time with other people through play.  Jubilee Counseling and Wellness’ group experiences do not require an identified diagnosis or mental health concern, so they are not therapy.  They are designed to facilitate healing through activities that promote holistic wellness and help people tap into joy.

A Message from JaVon

What is wellness?  Click the image to watch a video message from JaVon Townsend, LCSW-C and hear how Jubilee approaches the answer to this question.

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