SEPTEMBER InTune Mindfulness Circles for BIPOC Women


InTune Mindfulness Circles are one-hour monthly online groups to practice embodied mindfulness skills and get reconnected with your intuition.  September’s session will meet on September 20 at 6 pm EST.  This session is reserved for BIPOC Women.  See details in the “DESCRIPTION” box below!

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Do you often second-guess yourself?  Have a hard time trusting your gut or knowing what you want? Does it feel like your mind and body are on two different pages?

InTune Mindfulness Circle is a place to reconnect with yourself and practice listening in to your intuition.

Many of us have learned that in order to survive, we have to go against ourselves.  We develop habits of ignoring ourselves that often lead to anxious thoughts and feelings, or feeling numb or dulled down.  Embodied mindfulness practice can help to restore a deeper connection with the self and reduce those undesired thoughts and feelings.

Join us for these monthly one-hour sessions to focus on getting reconnected with yourself.

Sessions reserved for BIPOC women occur on the 3rd Wednesday of the month via Zoom.  Registration closes each 3rd Monday of the month.  

You’ll receive a Zoom link and calendar invitation via email.

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