Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Jubilee Counseling and Wellness collaborates with other healthcare providers, healers, artists, and other partners in the community to provide workshops that cover a variety of wellness topics.  These discussions might include gardening, making exercise fun, nutrition, meditation, navigating the healthcare system, and more.

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If you’d like a workshop brought to your organization or community, feel free to contact me with your request.  You may choose from one of my existing workshops or request one specific to your needs.

Workshop Series
Mindfulness through Art Series
Mindfulness practice has been shown to improve individuals’ capacity to manage mental and physical health concerns. This three-part therapeutic group series is an opportunity for participants to learn and/or strengthen skills in mindfulness through creating visual art.
Connecting to Vision
This workshop series is designed to give participants an opportunity to explore more about who they are and how this knowledge might impact the way they show up in the world, regardless of what they do to earn a living. In these sessions, participants will have opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the self and explore working toward an individual vision while remaining connected to, and caring for, the collective.
Single Session Workshops
Intro to Mindfulness through Art
Mindfulness practice has been shown to improve individuals’ capacity to manage mental and physical health concerns. This session introduces the concept of mindfulness, will include a guided meditation, and give participants an opportunity to explore how to incorporate art into a mindfulness practice.
Managing Stress
This an introductory workshop provides information and/or offer helpful reminders for knowledge and skills to understand and manage stress.
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